Clément Parisot

HPC systems administrator

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Selected Publications

Description of Kwapi, a framework designed in the context of Grid’5000 testbed, that unifies measurements for both energy consumption and network traffic.

Presentation of a generic data model for configuration information of network devices that takes into account vendor and version heterogeneity.
IFIP/IEEE, 2015.


3D printing

I have a MicroDelta Rework 3D printing machine. I print objects, glue them and paint them.

Esial Robotik

Member of this robotic association, we participate at the french cup.

(Lorraine) Mondial Air Ballons

I volounteer on this event several times. You can retrieve the videos I made on their Dailymotion/Youtube channel

1 Snail 2 Trains

An Android game that I have developed with libgdx and published


Admin since 2015 on this distributed testbed for research


Contribution to this project: a tool for managing network device configurations and validate them


Implementation of network monitoring in Kwapi, contributions to the code, deployment on Grid’5000